Rosemary, how long have you been working with the media house?

I started working with the media house in 2010.

What attracted you to working with the media house?

Claire Wormsley, the CEO of the media house, has developed a series of high quality training courses for the conference and events industry. These courses enable smaller companies to gain knowledge about the processes and standards from the leading international players of our industry. They set best practice. It gives me a sense of meaning to introduce her good courses to my Chinese peers. Other than the courses, Claire is also a very supportive partner that I enjoy working with.

sinofastlane_logoWhat is your background in events in China?

I’ve been working in events in China since 2000. Sinofastlane was set up to provide professional training for Chinese conference and exhibition organizers. I am the only MPI (meeting professional international) accredited trainer in China. I also pride myself on being well connected and networked within the industry, In addition to training I provide support for foreign conference organisers who have no offices in China,and last year I launched the “Best Practices Sharing Day” for Chinese Conference and Exhibition Organizers. The debut event attracted over 100 participants from 15 cities and was acclaimed as a highly valuable platform and a huge success by all the participants

What kind of training courses are you delivering and what makes them so special?

I deliver two of the media house training courses, “Creating and producing compelling conference programmes” and “Maximise sponsorship sales for conferences & events”. I think what made the courses so special is that they have been developed by experienced industry practitioners. They include case studies, worked examples and are really practical. They have been developed to solve problems in real business life and are proven over and over again to provide valuable guidance and learning for the Chinese conference and events industry.

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