From The Media House Virtual Events Programme Trainer, Claire Poole

  1. Acknowledge that virtual events aren’t the same as a live events, but you can unlock genuine, in some ways greater value for your attendees and sponsors through content, networking and engagement
  2. A strong moderator is CRUCIAL for a virtual event in ways you never had to worry about for a live event, they set the tone for the whole session
  3. Yes you can enable strong networking opportunities virtually, by understanding of your audience, planning and preparation 
  4. Practice makes perfect, and for virtual events practice and preparation is everything. Dry runs with literally everything; the technology, formats, speakers, staff, timing, interactive elements, networking…
  5. It’s not just you – everybody’s no1 fear and concern is something going wrong with technology on the day. Knowing what issues you may encounter and planning contingencies reduces stress tenfold

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