Advanced TelephoneTechniques for the conference producer

Improve your telephone skills & achieve more effective research and greater success in speaker acquisition

A specialist in-house training course

The telephone is the most pro-active and valuable tool that producers have for conducting market-focused research and securing the best speakers for an event. However, the increasing volume of calls that the modern executive receives is making them increasingly reticent to engage with callers that cannot clearly demonstrate the value of their call. Our Advanced Telephone Techniques training directly addresses the motivational challenges inherent with using the telephone and will leave the producer more confident and comfortable with calling senior contacts.

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This course is run as an
in-house programme.
Please call +44 (0)208 374 1712 if you would like further information.

Understanding the motivational drivers of research sources and speakers

  • Understanding why professionals speak to conference producers in their research; what are the benefits to them?
  • Techniques for building on these benefits and increasing the perception of value
  • Identifying the key benefits for speakers of speaking at the conference
  • Strategies for probing speakers’ motivations and needs around speaking

Developing a contact strategy to get the most from your research calls

  • Planning a contact strategy that gets the best from email and the telephone
  • Examination of key telephone skills
  • Planning an effective call structure for the most common and challenging calls

Opening the call with authority and engaging the contact

  • Opening the call with authority and purpose
  • Engaging the contact in the call
  • Establishing a positive context for the call and creating an inclusive agenda
  • Establishing your credibility and describing your purpose
  • Articulating the relevance of the call and value of the call to contact
  • Dealing with early resistance and moving the call forward

Creating a dialogue and probing for information

  • Precision questioning techniques
  • Using Active Listening to encourage dialogue
  • Leading and controlling the conversation effectively
  • Drawing the contact into the discussion
  • Using the Probing Cycle to target the information we need whilst building a balanced conversation
  • Creating a common sense of purpose through empathy and rapport
  • Dealing with resistance and moving the call forward

Securing a commitment to speak and building valuable relationships

  • Articulating the benefits of speaking and linking them to the speakers needs and requirements
  • Securing a lasting commitment to speak
  • Building strong relationships with sources based on the exchange of value
  • Working with the Gatekeepers and P.A.s to get access to contacts
  • Encouraging your contact to recommend and introduce you to other key contacts
  • Assessing your own performance and taking ownership of your own development

All Conference Producers and Managers who want to improve their use of the telephone in conducting research and securing speakers.

This course is only run as an in-house course, please contact for further information.

When and where?

This course is run as an
in-house programme.
Please call +44 (0)208 374 1712 if you would like further information.

How long?

One day: 09:00–17:00

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Great trainer, a pleasure to work with, easy to relate to. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Conference Manager, IDC

Clearly very experienced and imparted much knowledge which I look forward to taking back to the office.

Conference Producer, Complinet

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