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Cost-effective access to experienced professionals for special projects or short-term cover

Expert resource and support for special projects

Strategic marketing

The Media House can provide strategic marketing expertise for short term or longer terms projects – this may involve writing an annual marketing strategy for your whole business or working a specific project for an event.

Sales strategy

Getting the right team in place, understanding the value proposition and having the right sales strategy can make the difference between profit and loss. We will help you formulate the annual plan or work with you on a strategy for a new event.

Social media

Making social media profitable and integrating it in to your sales and marketing strategy is essential for ensuring your push and pull activities are aligned. We can advise on how to make social media work for your business.


We can undertake research projects in to new markets or do competitor analysis.


We can advise on how to carry out a health check on your database and put in place the necessary enrichment and maintenance activities you need to ensure successful events.

New start up

If you are launching in a new territory or in a new vertical but don’t have resources to spare from your existing operation you may want to bring in some external workforce.

British Motor Museum Following a three year period of extensive building works and redevelopment, on and around its 65 acre site, The British Motor Museum has been preparing to re-enter the conference market and appointed The Media House to support us in developing the right sales methodology and process as well as recruit and train new sales people.

The whole process has been excellent. It has been great working with the consultant, Mike. He has been very inspirational and really knows his stuff. He brought skills to the British Motor Museum, which we didn’t have and guided us expertly.  With Mike, we have successfully recruited two new sales staff and provided them with training on our processes and best practice in event sales.

Overall, the consultancy was really good and of great value to the British Motor Museum and I have no hesitation in recommending The Media House.

Julie Tew

Managing Director, British Motor Museum

If you're looking for expert resource and support for special projects

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