Copywriting for virtual and F2F events

An event for all conference producers and marketing professionals who want to write incisive, attention-grabbing copy, ‘both on and off line’, that attracts delegates with power and conviction

Copywriting is easy isn’t it? Just put together a few words, send out your brochure and sit back and wait for the bookings to come in. Well, if you want to waste all your research and throw away money that’s exactly what you do. Or you could learn how to plan and use the right techniques to make your conference copywriting more effective and get some real results.

3 Minutes with Copywriting Trainer, Caroline Carr


Segment 1: Core copywriting principles and how they apply to events | 09:30am–12:30pm (GMT)

Incentives and Benefits:

  • Why do people attend conferences? Relating your copy to their needs
  • Core copywriting principles in detail — AIDCA and FAB

Powerful editing

  • 13 tips and tricks for impactful editing to improve your copywriting
  • Tone of voice/brand

Understanding your target audience and adapting your copy

  • Understanding your core conference proposition and your target market
  • Making your copy flow

Segment 2: Applying the principles from Segment 1 to different channels | 09:30am–12:30pm (GMT)

Email marketing:

  • Top tips on how to write a better subject line
  • Language structure and style throughout the email
  • Reviewing industry emails and your own examples of emails


  • Adapting your copywriting to the web
  • Moving people through your site – Hooks and Linking conventions
  • Writing to optimise for search


  • Maximising the impact of the front cover
  • Techniques for writing hard hitting brochure copy


  • Why is it so different? Getting the tone right and what to remember
  • Content marketing – videos, images and your copy

The Softworks marketing team really enjoyed the copywriting course with Caroline. Both the content and the delivery were excellent. Lots of great practical takeaways that we are already implementing.



Next online course:
25 + 26 January 2022
09:30am to 12:30pm (GMT)

Online cost

£395 (+ VAT) for all commercial companies
£295 (+ VAT) for not-for-profit organisations

Post-course 1:1 follow-up

If after attending the training course, you would like to discuss particular areas relevant to you with the trainer, you can book a one hour 1:1 consultation, cost £195 (+ VAT). Book a follow-up consultation here.

Course certification

All attendees who complete the course satisfactorily, will receive a certificate.


25 January 2022: 09:30am to 12:30pm
26 January 2022: 09:30am to 12:30pm

Who should attend?

An amazing 80% of conference producers surveyed said they struggled in writing really good copy. Many felt they wasted valuable time trying to create copy which accurately and effectively sold their event. Great copy can be a powerful sales tool and can make a significant difference in securing delegates. So, if you are new to conferences or are one of the 80% who think your copywriting skills could be improved, this course is for you.

Your trainer:

Caroline Carr

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The course was great. Really enjoyed the exercises, they helped me fully understand what I was learning. The trainer kept everyone under control and concentrating for the whole day, it didn’t drag at all!

Hannah Wilkinson, Cravenhill Publishing


The core copywriting principles were extremely useful and will be used on a daily basis. The “creating effective emails” session was excellent – especially focusing on the subject headers to capture the audience in that first instance! Caroline was extremely engaging and passionate about changing your content and copy specifically for your target audience!

Special Interest Group, STEP


95% of attendees recommend our courses


Very inspiring – Katherine has been amazing for us, given us huge insight into industry best practice. Honestly, it is the best internal training course I’ve been on. Honest, non-judgemental, inspiring, encouraging.

Senior Conference Producer, Incisive Media


We all thoroughly enjoyed the training and found it very insightful. Louisa was very engaging and tailored the training to our website and copy which was great – we have a lot to action. (in-house copywriting training)

Global Marketing Coordinator, Innovation Enterprise


Clear, concise and extremely useful. The course was very logical in terms of the order things are covered in. I am launching a new event at the moment and this course has really helped me and I feel much more confident in how to approach it.

Senior Conference Producer, Incisive Media


We truly enjoyed the course and have applied what we learned the first day we’re back at the office. I returned to the office inspired and shared core writing tips with my colleagues immediately during our internal communication meeting. The tips and tricks I’ve learned will certainly go into the office writing toolbox we’re developing.

Communication and Marketing Coordinator, EHA


The Copywriting course was really useful, there were lots of different take-aways and I found the day really interactive. Caroline was an excellent trainer, really enthusiastic and kept the sessions interactive and engaging. 5/5

Alice Kenning
Event Manager and Marketing Camapaign Exec, IR Media Group


I found the Copywriting Principals the most valuable part of the day and I will be changing the way I write copy to be ‘benefit led’ copy now! 5/5

Lucy Eyre
Events Co-ordinator, Cambridge Assessment International Education


I just wanted to get in touch to say that the course yesterday was really great, I came away feeling really positive about what I had learned and have already started implementing some of the techniques that Caroline shared with us! A huge thank you to Caroline as well, it was a really engaging and interesting course.

Amber Wareing
Events & Marketing Co-ordinator, Perspective Publishing

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