Creating successful webinars for lead generation, sponsorship and content marketing

Take advantages of the benefits of webinars for production, marketing and sales

Webinars are a fantastic event marketing tool for generating new leads and nurturing existing customers. They are an excellent vehicle to ‘breathe life’ into existing content and help drive new sales opportunities.

Creating Successful Webinars, a half day, practical course, has been designed to help you create webinars and boost registration and attendance, keep interest high during a webinar and measure and manage post-webinar follow up.

Course outline

Integrating webinars into your product portfolio

  • Understand the benefits of integrating webinars into your multi-channel marketing campaign
  • Low cost and low time solutions to setting up and running free webinars for lead generation, data build and content marketing
  • Webinar basics; what they are, technology needs and overarching benefits

Webinar best practice for lead generation

  • Setting aims and deliverables for each webinar to measure success and track lead generation
  • Best practice for ensuring your webinars deliver strong and engaged prospects; based on topic, marketing segmentation, social media amplification and follow up
  • The ROI of a webinar series to deliver warmer and more engaged prospects
  • Free webinars for creating prospects vs. delivering value on sponsored webinars, costs and return

Pre-webinar: strategic and practical issues to address

  • Strategic: topic and speaker selection for lead generation to complement your event agenda and expand lead base
  • Logistical: timelines and logistics of planning and delivering successful webinars
  • Software choices and benefitting from free trials
  • Includes template docs to work from; set up checklists and speaker instructions

In-webinar practical guidelines and best practice

  • Best practice for delivery of successful webinar; including slides to include for enhanced sponsorship or delegate registration conversion
  • How to use webinars to position your company as a thought leader
  • Best practice for briefing speakers and managing live debate
  • Tips for making your webinar as interactive and effortless as possible
  • Troubleshooting in-webinar; Dealing with technology break downs, overrunning speakers, heated debate and managing live chat/Q&A

Post-webinar analysis and follow up

  • Steps to ensure the webinar is leveraged for strong commercial follow up and conversion from attendees to sponsors and delegates
  • Template document to track webinar statistics for use as sales tool
  • Follow up survey with speakers and attendees for content marketing
  • Creating podcast from footage for additional post-webinar data build
  • Leveraging webinar materials for industry leadership and content marketing

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Who should attend?

Anyone in marketing, sales & production who is involved in webinars

How long?

One day: 09:00–17:00

Where and when?

This course is run as an in-house programme. Please call +44 (0)208 374 1712 if you would like further information.

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The trainer’s delivery style was great for us — the techniques used kept the team engaged throughout the day. We received a huge amount of information so were really pleased with the outcomes we got.

Professional Development Manager, The Institute of the Motor Industry


We all really enjoyed the course and derived great benefit from it – it was a really inspirational, motivating day.

Research Director, WTG Events

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