Contracting and Negotiating for Event Managers

Discover how to secure the best value from venues and suppliers and ensure your contracts are watertight

This fully updated course looks at how contracting and negotiating with venues and suppliers has changed post COVID 19 and what the practical implications for event organisers are.

If you are juggling half a dozen events at any one time and worrying that you haven’t got the best deal from a venue or supplier and not 100% sure about the contract, this course is a must attend. Discover what sensible T&Cs look like and what you can ask for in light of COVID-19. Understand why should you never pay 100% cancellation fees and what you need to do to up-date your risk management policy.

By focusing on the key areas which you told us were of most concern, we have developed a programme which will give you real practical tools and know how when contracting and negotiating.


It’s all in the preparation

  • Identifying the end goal and understanding what success looks like
  • Understanding your event and knowing your brief

Contracts and events — what are the critical issues?

  • The principles of contracts — what you need to know
  • Key clauses in venue hire agreements; from bedroom blocks, insurance, force majeure and more
  • The small print — why it is important
  • Those dreaded Terms & Conditions! What elements can you change, especially in light of COVID19 implications
  • Practical exercise: this discussion session will look at actual contracts and identify how you can make your contract work better for your business.

Best practice in negotiating with venues and third parties

  • Doing your homework, how to take ownership of your event
  • Win/Win: How to achieve the best outcome for both parties
  • The inside track on negotiation techniques and bargaining
  • The venue and you — negotiating the variables
  • Deposits and commissions — are they negotiable?
  • Why you should never pay 100% cancellation fees
  • Finding the add-ons that work for you

What are the Event Managers responsibilities in health and safety?

  • Health and safety compliance overview
  • Your duties and responsibilities as an event organiser
  • Creating an event safety plan and file
  • How to implement safety arrangements
  • Event Safety Plan
  • Complying with the Equality Act

Key issues for Event Managers in risk assessments

  • What are your responsibilities
  • Key issues to consider in Risk assessments *updated with COVID19 risks included *

Having a plan

  • Emergency/Critical Incident Planning and implementation

Course certification

All attendees who complete the course satisfactorily, will receive a certificate.

Who should attend?

All event and conference managers and operations and logistics managers. Whether you work for a conference or exhibition company, corporation, association or charity, this course will help you in delivering great events.

Your trainer:

Claire Poole

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Excellent training course, the trainer provided in depth knowledge of negotiating, contracts and safety planning for Events Managers. The trainer provided excellent insight in to this area and drew upon their own experience making the course informative, interesting and enjoyable, I would highly recommend to any Event Manager to complete no matter what their level of experience is.

Events Manager

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Working through an existing contract we had which made it very relatable and relevant. Claire really knows her stuff and explained everything very well. She didn’t use legal jargon which we wouldn’t understand, she was very clear with her explanations and I came away with some extremely useful advice/skills to use going forward.

Senior Events Coordinator

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The trainer really customised the course to our needs and was incredibly knowledgeable. Our team has already started to make changes as a result of the training and will no doubt benefit from it when negotiating future contracts

Events Manager

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