Fully tailored in-house training programmes

See immediate results from actionable, practical in-house coaching to improve your team’s sales success

In-house training programmes are shaped around your needs

All of our training courses can be tailored to your specific requirements, markets and skill sets and run as in-house programmes. In-house training allows you to combine different learning interventions in the most effective way, within the budget and timeframe you have.

We recommend in-house training incorporates follow up days to ensure all that is learnt is fully embedded and any issues which have arisen can be addressed.


Working in-house allows us to work with real data and events and adjust the level and content of the training to the knowledge and skills of the team involved. Courses can be originated from scratch or based on any of our public courses. See full list of courses…

We follow the Systematic Training Model sometimes called the ADDIE model. Simply put, we work with you to analyse needs, design and develop learning modules to meet these needs, implement the training and evaluate the impact. It’s a cycle of continuous improvement.

40% of employees with poor training leave their jobs within the first year.


See our case study on in-house training with the International Bar Association

Modular courses

To get the best results we will work with you to map out particular development needs and build a programme that may be delivered in one intense day or spread over four to six half day masterclasses.

Spreading the learning over a series of half days allows the participants to put in to practice new knowledge and skills and then review this with their course leader in one-to-ones.

Mentoring and one-to-ones

Typically delegates submit samples of their work prior to a course and the course leader will use this to assess development needs and build these in to the course.

They will spend some time in one-to-ones giving constructive feedback on specifics.

Coached special projects

We may recommend incorporating a special project in to the training. This is a supervised piece of work relating directly the individual’s role and is supervised by their mentor and approved by their manager.

Buddying and peer mentoring

Pairing delegates with a buddy or a peer mentor keeps participants in a programme on a constant trajectory of engagement and development throughout, culminating in unrivalled professional competence.

I found the training your team ran for me in December really productive and effective.

Fiona Miller

Group Events Director, Wilmington Healthcare

Carrie is smart, experienced, articulate and respectful.  She was effective at getting the team to open up about key issues – but was also very solution-oriented and drove us to identify concrete actions we can take to improve team dynamics.

Dorothea Herrey

Senior Vice President, NYT Live

I think this in-house course was really well matched to our requirements. The event sales team needed something specific like this. The course was great in making us think about the sponsor’s mind set rather than just our show.

Fay Reeve

Exhibition Manager, Seawork

This follow up in-house marketing course was great and Caroline was a fantastic presenter. All of the team have said that they enjoyed the course and found the whole day interesting.

Head of Marketing, IBA

Everyone was very impressed, both with the content which tailored, relevant and practical (which enabled us to immediately see how we could put some of the suggestions into practice) and with the trainer, who was a very engaging presenter and had credibility as she has worked in the industry and could refer back to her real life situation and compare with her own – she took time to listen to what we were saying in the room and give advice etc, not just sticking to a script.

Head of Conference Production, AMI

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a massive thank you for providing the in-house conference production workshop yesterday. I found the course very interesting and feel very energised, looking forward to putting what I learnt into practice. Thank you!

Conference Organiser, AMI

The course really helped the team to think outside the box and not use packages as the basis for all proposals. The trainer was positive, used real life examples, had great industry knowledge and worked with the team well to bring more out of them

Lindsey Sherriff

Head of Operations, Events, Mercator Media

All the feedback was extremely positive and I for one really enjoyed the training. It’s really helping the teams think about events and their impact differently; and we took much more from the training than we expected.

Head of Member Networks , ACCA

The training was great, really valuable for us. We loved the interactivity, flexibility and the fact that it was tailored specifically for our business. The trainer was great and came with plenty of examples, both from within his slides, but also from past experience. The fixed agenda element of the day gave the course structure, but we were able to ask questions and deviate off topic if necessary.

VP, Marketing, Innovation Enterprise

Our in-house copywriting training was excellent! We’re already putting it into practice and creating posters from the course material to stick up in the office.

Marketing Director, DMG Events Energy UK

Carrie was really good and engaging with great insights. The most valuable part of the course for me was the copywriting principals, there were some great ideas that I can implement very quickly! 5/5

Tanya Spencer

Group Manager, IET

We were really pleased with our in-house public speaking course! Carrie was really approachable and relatable for everyone in the room — there was something for every experience level.

Holly Clark

Head of Events, BMJ

Thank you so much for a most incisive training day! Everyone is feeling so elated today.

Achilles Tsaltas

Vice President International Conferences, The New York Times

Carrie explained everything very well. She was really clear and made you think! 5/5

Kim Munns

Marketing Executive, IET

Carrie was brilliant, professional and focused 5/5!

Stuart Found

Conference Producer, AMI

The delegate sales in-house training certainly was productive and insightful too.

I think the entire team took away some great tips and techniques and I have recommended the training.

VP, Event Management, Innovation Enterprise

Clear, concise and extremely useful. The course was very logical in terms of the order things are covered in. I am launching a new event at the moment and this course has really helped me and I feel much more confident in how to approach it.

Senior Conference Producer, Incisive Media

Really relevant to production and tailored, the trainer was v knowledgeable and approachable, v v good

Conference Director, WBR

I have now attended two Media House training days and both have been excellent.

James Hodgson

Senior Content and Sponsorship Manager, AFME

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