Tools & techniques for conference and event marketing

Refine conference and event marketing techniques, develop new creative solutions and maximise the value of the conference marketing spend

Conference and Event Marketing requires great analytical skills and the ability to pull together a huge range of facts, figures, promotional tools and different marketing media. It has a huge impact and can make or break an event. To succeed in conference marketing, you need to understand the maths behind the analysis, be creative in sourcing new lists and leads, work with sponsors and speakers, and have a good knowledge of databases.

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3 July 2019


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

Getting the most out of your email marketing

  • Copywriting techniques to get the most out of your emails
  • What subject lines work?
  • Reviewing and analysis your emails to improve content and layout
  • Testing email for continuous improvement
  • E-newsletters and other email formats to support your conference

Designing powerful conference websites

  • Principles of effective website design
  • Key considerations when building a conference site
  • How to assess the effectiveness of your website design
  • Copywriting to sell your conference programme on the web
  • Researching keywords to maximise search engine effectiveness for your event

The fundamentals of social networking for events

  • Using the right social media for event – what is out there and what is working?
  • Proven strategies for growing your delegate base with social media
  • Monitor your social media and measuring its effectiveness
  • Do’s and Don’ts in Social Media for conferences

Building the perfect conference marketing database: finding, cloning and developing data

  • Identifying your internal data and data analysis
  • Internal data — how to grow your database
  • Researching new lists
  • Preparing the right mix of names and filling the gaps
  • Selecting and filtering data
  • Cloning your delegates: Creative ways to profile and build your database

Testing — techniques to improve and refine ROI

  • What is testing and what can it do?
  • Determining what you should test
  • Planning your tests
  • Practical testing in different media
  • The statistical principles of testing
  • Monitoring and Evaluating your test results

KPIs and maths for the conference marketer

  • Key metrics for measuring campaign effectiveness
  • What maths should you be using and why?
    • cost per sale
    • cost per response
    • ROI
    • cost per attendee
    • lifetime value
  • Understanding and defining ROI requirements for different marketing methods
  • Post event analysis – why it is important and what you should do

Marketing executives and marketing managers involved in developing campaigns for conferences, seminars, exhibitions or training courses.

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3 July 2019
13 November 2019

How long?

One day: 09:00–17:00

How much?

£595 plus VAT for all commercial companies
£545 plus VAT for not-for-profit organisations


3 July 2019
etc.venues, The Hatton
51-53 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8HN

The training was great, really valuable for us. We loved the interactivity, flexibility and the fact that it was tailored specifically for our business. The trainer was great and came with plenty of examples, both from within his slides, but also from past experience. The fixed agenda element of the day gave the course structure, but we were able to ask questions and deviate off topic if necessary.

VP, Marketing Innovation Enterprise

Very useful to be able to discuss individual issues – good to have outside opinions – trainer was very friendly, helpful, willing to address individual problems.

Senior Conference Manager, Aviation Industry Conferences

The training was amazing, engaging and interactive.

Viral Shah

Events, The Royal College of Psychiatrists

This course was definitely worth attending for us. We are already implementing what we’ve learnt and found the training most inspiring.

Adam Murphy

Marketing Campaign Co-ordinator, Association for Project Management

The most useful training course I have been on since working in events.

Sarah McKenzie

Business Excellence, Oil & Gas UK

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