Google Analytics 4 for Events

Understanding and Interpreting GA4 Reports

Google Analytics 4 for Events looks at the newest version of Google Analytics — Google Analytics 4 and focuses specifically on how it can be used for event marketing.  Attend and discover:

  • How to use audiences, user properties, parameters and other GA4 specific elements for events
  • The core building blocks of analytics data for events and how the capabilities of GA4 can drive and convert event traffic
  • Insights about your delegates, sponsors and visitors and their user experience
  • Deeper analysis and tailored custom reports in the Analysis Hub

Course outline

Understanding and interpreting GA4 reports:

Life Cycle

      1. Acquisition
        1. User
        2. Traffic
      2. Engagement
        1. Events
        2. Pages
      3. Retention


      1. Demographics
      2. Creating user properties
      3. Tech


      1. Conversions including setting up and customising your own event conversion goals
      2. Creating remarketing audiences
      3. Events


      1. Creating an event analysis from scratch
      2. Audiences
      3. Building comparisons
      4. Setting up custom events
      5. Custom definitions

Analysis Hub

      1. Exploration
      2. Conversion tracking
      3. Setting up and customising segmentations available (adding or deducting different dimensions and segments, values and filters and metrics etc)
      4. Creating custom insights
      5. Predictive metrics
      6. Funnel analysis
      7. Path analysis

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Online cost

£495 (+ VAT) for all commercial companies
£395 (+ VAT) for not-for-profit organisations

Post-course 1:1 follow up

If after attending the training course, you would like to discuss particular areas relevant to you with the trainer, you can book a one hour 1:1 consultation, cost £195 (+ VAT). Book a follow-up consultation here.

Course certification

All attendees who complete the course satisfactorily, will receive a certificate.

Who should attend?

Google Analytics for Events is for all event marketing professionals who want to understand and effectively use the capabilities and potential of GA4


All times GMT

This course comprises four, two-hour training modules

12 + 13 + 14 + 15 October
12 October: 9.00am–11.00am
13 October: 9.00am–11.00am
14 October: 9.00am–11.00am
15 October: 9.00am–11.00am

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Rob Edlin

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