Maximising profit through large-scale events

Creating and building LSEs that dominate a market and generate maximum revenue

With large-scale events being identified as the future for many conference and event companies, having strategies in place to build and develop these events and move away from small local conferences is essential.

Scaling up is daunting but the benefits of increased profitability, cost and time efficiencies, increased market penetration, brand and reputation as market leaders are key factors for sustainability.

But how do you know which of your products to scale up and when? How do you continue to grow the size and profitability of your conferences once they become LSEs? And now that you have reached pole position, how do you ensure you stay there?

This one-day course will take you through the processes required to make the right strategic decisions at the right time to scale up. Training is delivered through current case studies, interactive exercises, research techniques and the latest industry thinking.


Large-scale events – the growth opportunity in events

  • Choosing an appropriate growth model for your business
  • Scaling up existing small events
  • Growing existing LSEs
  • Launching an LSE from scratch
  • Achieving world domination

How and when to scale up or launch – tools and research for success

  • Knowing your market, knowing the competition
  • Research tools and feasibility studies
  • The go/no go decision
  • Have you got the right resources to build world-class LSEs?
  • The LSE timeline

The financials and profitability

  • Setting budgets and understanding cost implications of different models
  • A look at different fee models
  • Choosing appropriate KPIs to monitor success factors

Product development and building the value proposition

  • Content: keeping it relevant, keeping control
  • How can content be monetised?
  • Concurrent sessions, workshops, add-ons
  • Building in key networking opportunities: ensuring people meet who they want to meet
  • Innovative new models: how can we inspire, inform, entertain and connect?
  • Trouble shooting: what are the main threats to your LSE? How can you respond?

Key partnerships crucial to your LSE success

  • Developing strategic sponsorship propositions
  • Partnerships with other key stakeholders
  • The bigger picture: becoming a part of your target industry

Best show in town! But it’s not over yet…

  • Making the best use of event content
  • Building your 365 customer engagement plan

Course certification

All attendees who complete the course satisfactorily, will receive a certificate.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for all those whose role involves driving revenue and building events, including senior managers and directors in conferences, exhibitions and associations.

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