Public speaking for event professionals

Public speaking is a skill which every event professional should have to advance and develop their career

A specialist in-house training course

Public Speaking for conferences and events has been designed specifically for event professionals if you want to:

  • Feel confident and enjoy speaking at events and in front of colleagues
  • Become an excellent communicator and learn to speak with genuine, easy confidence and pose
  • Speak easily and creatively, without notes
  • Remain composed and think clearly even under pressure
  • Get your message across powerfully and effectively in all situations

Attend this course and discover the right techniques to help you as an event professional, become a confident and effective public speaker.

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This course is run as an
in-house programme.
Please call +44 (0)208 374 1712 if you would like further information.

The growing importance & value of public speaking skills for event professionals

  • Introduction — my background as an event professional and how overcoming fear of public speaking changed my life
  • Why public speaking skills are becoming more critical for event professionals
  • Changing how we approach public speaking – learning to see public speaking as an opportunity rather than a threat!
  • 1 minute pitching exercise + feedback: give an elevator pitch on yourself, your event, or your organisation

Techniques for managing nerves at conferences, presentations and meetings

  • Discovering why some of us get more nervous than others
  • Understanding public speaking anxiety and how to manage it
  • Tips on how to combat the physical symptoms of a fight or flight response on stage
  • Practising positive self-talk and visualisation ahead of a presentation

Key public speaking techniques

  • Body language and voice techniques that build powerful rapport
  • Dos and don’ts when presenting
  • 1 minute pitching exercise + feedback: repeat previous exercise but employ techniques

How to speak effectively in meetings and become an excellent communicator

  • Presentation outline: structure and signposting
  • Tips for using visual aids effectively
  • Creating impact: storytelling and other techniques that engage the emotional brain
  • Effectively leading a team meeting
  • Etiquette for leading a conference call
  • 2 minute presentation exercise + feedback: sell an idea to the Board of your organisation

Opening a conference and networking at events

  • How to open a conference: speaking with confidence and authority as you set the tone for the day
  • Speaking techniques to support networking at events
  • 1 minute speaking exercise + feedback: practise opening a conference OR give a motivational speech to your team

Continuing to develop your confidence in public speaking

  • Goal-setting activity: using public speaking to help grow your role/event/organisation
  • Ideas for where you can practise presenting in a safe space
  • Closing positive visualisation exercise

This course is designed for sales and event professionals who are looking to extend their sales skills and develop long-term profitable sponsorship sales relationships.

This course is relevant for all conference and event professionals whether you are in conferences, large scale events, exhibitions, associations or charities.

Carrie SwiftCarrie Swift

Carrie started her career as a Conference Producer at Optimus Education, and went on to become the Director of Waterfront Conference Company which runs content-led events and training across numerous sectors including infrastructure planning, rail, ports, energy and education. In this role, Carrie and the team she built delivered a 4-fold increase in revenue and gross profit over a five year period. She then went on to found Love Public Speaking, a communications training business which runs open courses in London and delivers in-house training to businesses and schools across the UK. Carrie is a freelance trainer for the Media House delivering intensive public speaking courses for conference professionals and conference speakers, as well as running courses on copywriting and conference production.

This course is only run as an in-house course, please contact for further information.

When and where?

This course is run as an
in-house programme.
Please call +44 (0)208 374 1712 if you would like further information.

How long?

One day: 09:00–17:00

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I can honestly say that in 12 years, this is the best training I have ever received. Carrie was inspirational, and I am, for the first, time working towards overcoming my fear of public speaking; I can truly see a light at the end of the tunnel… If I had received this kind of help when I was young, I don’t believe I would have carried my phobia around with me for my adult working life. I can’t recommend Carrie highly enough.

Helen Parsons

St Dominics College

At the beginning of the day I rated my public speaking confidence level a 2 out of 10, and by the end I was a 7. Carrie was excellent, I think she is born to do it. She’s got a very positive vibe and this increased the energy levels in the room.

Rithma Fonseka

IT Manager

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