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Case study

In-house marketing training with the International Bar Association 
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The value of training

An infographic on the benefits of training for the conference, event and venue industry 
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6 vital takeaways from attending Pricing and Selling Virtual Events

From The Media House Virtual Events Programme Trainer, Sam North To avoid making the biggest mistake salespeople make when selling virtual events How to show the value of your virtual event and set the right price The skill of teaching your clients to buy your virtual...


Digital, virtual, online events are here to stay Our courses have been developed to help you transform your face-to-face events business and give your team the skills they need to pivot to virtual events. Copywriting for Virtual & F2F Events — learn best practice...

NEW specialist venue training courses

Winning venue businesses need highly skilled staff...If the question is “What does it take to be a winning venue business in today’s competitive marketplace?” then top of the pile of answers is “A team of highly-skilled, motivated staff”. That’s where The Media House...

13 copywriting essentials for event professionals

Caroline Carr's 13 essentials for creating the best copy for event professionals: 1. Tautology — remove unnecessary words 2. Remove clichés 3. Replace long words with short words 4. Lead the reader 5. Language — positive & active 6. Careful punctuation 7. Use...

10 steps to an award-winning conference

Having reviewed 1000’s of awards entries, who better than Claire Wormsley, Founder and Director of Global Conference Network and The Media House, to advise on getting recognition for your hard work. 1. Answer the questionsRead the questions carefully, and ensure you...

7 steps to a successful content marketing strategy for events

Content marketing is a big theme at this year’s Event Marketing Summit. There is no doubt that we are seeing a real change in the way event marketers use content, but how does it really work? Over the past few weeks we talked to some of our speakers and compiled a...

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