Sales training for conferences and events

“We had a fantastic training session. Really, a big thank you to the trainer for so brilliantly delivering this very well designed course, it was very helpful and inspiring.”

Our sales training courses

84% of employees at the best performing organisations are receiving the training they need.

16% of employees at the worst performing organisations receive the training they need.

Selling event sponsorship packages, exhibition space or delegate places are all specialist skills that involve understanding your clients, value proposition, building rapport, establishing credibility, creating desire and demonstrating tenacity and ROI.

All of these skills along with good negotiations, proposal writing and deal closing can be taught and every single one of them improves with expert sales training, coaching and feedback.

We have a comprehensive list of sales training courses that cover the full range of skills your sales people need. From our very popular Sponsorship sales for conferences & events course to our Strategic selling to key accounts course, we have programmes to support the development of all members of your sales team and increase sales revenue.

We can combine all of these programmes with one-to-one sessions and mentoring, special project work and bespoke masterclasses to ensure your sales teams remain on a constant trajectory of engagement and development, culminating in unrivalled professional competence. Contact us if you would like more information on a tailored package for your teams.

Our sales trainers

All of our sales trainers have a background in events so not only are they proven, top quality trainers, but they bring with them their own case studies and insights and really understand the challenges and issues faced by event sales teams.

In-house sales training

All of our sales courses can be tailored to meet you specific needs and skill sets after full consultation with you and your team. In-company training can be more cost-effective and deliver better outcomes as bespoke material and teaching methods are used to achieve optimum results. Read more…

Discounts for group bookings and associations

We offer discounts for group bookings and to associations and NFP organisations. Please contact us to find out more.

Coaching and mentoring for sales managers and team leaders

We provide one to one coaching and mentoring to help your managers get the highest possible performance from their teams.

Special sales projects

Our experts are on hand to undertake special projects. This might be to develop reward schemes, undertake research or set up new teams.

I recently arranged some in-house training with The Media House which was excellent. If you are looking for some specific sponsorship sales training then I can’t recommend their course highly enough; very valuable for both seasoned and fresh BDMs (all my guys raved about it).

Commercial Director, Green Power Conferences

5/5 — the course covered all general areas of sponsorship. Exploring the sponsor’s mindset was the most important and valuable part for me, this is key to our whole business

Client Liaison Executive, International Bar Association

Thanks for a great training session. It was extremely useful, and gave me a lot of insight. I used a few tips from yesterday’s session in my meeting this morning and will hopefully have some positive news from the client next week.

Corporate Sales and Sponsorship Manager, Caspian Media

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