Modern Selling for Events

Modern sales techniques to thrive in the highly competitive event industry

The fundamental changes which are occurring in business buying behaviour means that selling effectively has become much more difficult and demanding than ever before. You cannot assume you will remain successful by using 40-year-old sales methods or simply by doing the same things that have worked for you in the past. If you want to create and maintain sustainable business relationships in the face of intense competition then it is imperative that you modernise your selling skills.

Modern Selling for Events covers the latest techniques in selling and the simple yet effective ways in which you can persuade your clients that your proposition is the best solution for their needs — and has greater value than the competition. It is an interactive workshop at the end of which everyone will have a usable framework for value-based, persuasive selling.


The future of selling:

  • Selling in the 21st century – recent developments in buying methodology and its impact on selling
  • Top sales performers in the modern business world – their key attributes and behaviours

The power of market insight, educational selling and storytelling:

  • Creating long term relationships within a trend of diminishing customer loyalty
  • Insight – how it’s used, its core components and how to create it within your organisation
  • The value proposition and how it is used in modern selling

Modern selling in practice:

  • The importance of a strong opening
    • Creative ways to grab attention (which can also apply to voicemail and email)
    • Establishing early credibility
  • Understanding the client’s objectives and needs through astute questioning
    • Establishing a clear, immediate need and confirming the level of client potential
  • Creating a compelling, persuasive argument
    • Demonstrating clear, relevant value for increased urgency (and earlier decisions), higher conversion rates and stronger business relationships – which in turn lead to greater salesperson confidence and motivation
    • Competitive advantage, and how to get it
    • Proactively discussing ROI and agreeing a method of measurement
  • Objection handling without appearing defensive
    • Maintaining collaboration by pre-empting objections as much as possible
    • Dealing with price
  • Decision making
    • Identifying all those actively involved in the decision making process
    • Tailoring your message to different job functions and goals
  • Closing made easy

Course certification

All attendees who complete the course satisfactorily, will receive a certificate.

Who should attend?

With increasingly competitive markets, this is relevant for all levels of sales professionals, whether you are new to sales or experienced you will benefit from the blend of strategy and practical case studies.

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