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Improve your average order value and hit more targets through better negotiation

Negotiation can be an emotional business. The actual principles of negotiation are relatively straightforward, but where a deal often breaks down is when the benefits to each organisation are overshadowed by a worsening relationship between parties during the critical negotiation phase. Instead, a successfully negotiated solution which has clear benefits for all parties, will lead to the type of strong, long-term business relationship which underpins an organisation’s growth.

During this one-day course on negotiation sales we ensure that course participants have a very clear understanding of the skills of a good negotiator. We then concentrate on preparing people to deal with the myriad of obstacles which can get in the way of a profitable deal for all involved, particularly those arising when egos get in the way, and how to counter the tactics used by skilled negotiators — and the sometimes baffling behaviours exhibited by people who don’t follow the rules.

It only needs a small improvement in negotiation performance to add considerable sums of money to the bottom line!


The key principles of profitable negotiation

  • Where does selling end and negotiation start?
  • The main variables present in a negotiation
  • Competitive v co-operative negotiation
  • Preparation

Behaviours of successful negotiators

  • How people learn to negotiate
  • Negotiating states of mind and natural instincts
  • Dealing with various personalities and combating extreme behaviours
  • The importance of trust and how to build it
  • Persuasion through excellent communication

The negotiation in practice

  • Researching a potential sponsor, its market and its customers
  • Developing sales angles
  • Identifying the decision makers and influencers

Case study

  • The critical opening period and how to make it mutually rewarding
  • Bargaining strategies and the concept of trading
  • Perceptions of win-win
  • The impasse and how to break it without conceding


  • How to use them and deal with them
  • Recognising the signs of being outmanoeuvred

Course certification

All attendees who complete the course satisfactorily, will receive a certificate.

Who should attend?

With negotiation being a critical part of all sales, this course will benefit sales professionals at all levels, but is ideal for sales executives and sales managers.

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