Maximise venue sales for events

Win more conference and events business with improved sales skills and competitive differentiation

A specialist in-house training course

Intense competition among venues with event space, coupled with more demanding clients, means that selling effectively has become more challenging than ever before. You cannot assume you will remain successful simply by doing the same things that have worked for you in the past, especially in the face of clients who expect more and more from venues.

This is an interactive workshop, Maximise Venue Sales, which helps everyone identify where the business is coming from through effective prospecting, and covers the latest techniques in both inbound and outbound selling to persuade your clients that your solution provides greater value than your competition.

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.
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This course is run as an
in-house programme.
Please call +44 (0)208 374 1712 if you would like further information.

Modern selling for venues:

  • The importance of educational selling
  • The power of market insight and storytelling

Exploring the client’s mindset — seeing it from the client’s perspective:

  • Understanding the client’s objectives and decision making rationale:
    • Association events
    • Meetings and conferences
    • 3rd party agents
  • Venue selection – turning the client’s subjectivity into a logical, objective process
  • Using the site tour to your advantage

Value-based selling – what is special about your venue:

  • Creating a compelling value proposition
  • Competition:
    • What is it, and who/what is fighting for your business
    • The importance of differentiation and value
    • Standing out in a competitive market

Outstanding venue selling:

  • Advanced sales techniques:
    • Winning new business and developing strong, long term business relationships to improve your renewal rate
    • Overcoming objections, and getting the decision within your timescale
    • Using social media to open doors

Developing creative venue packages:

  • Adding meaningful value to the venue experience
  • The importance of service

Post-event follow up:

  • The vital post-event review with the client and its importance in securing repeat business
This course is designed for venue sales professionals and management who are looking to get more bookings and generate more revenue from their conference and event space.

This course is only run as an in-house course, please contact further information.

When and where?

This course is run as an
in-house programme.
Please call +44 (0)208 374 1712 if you would like further information.

How long?

One day: 09:00–17:00

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The trainer’s delivery style was great for us — the techniques used kept the team engaged throughout the day. We received a huge amount of information so were really pleased with the outcomes we got.

Professional Development Manager, The Institute of the Motor Industry

We all really enjoyed the course and derived great benefit from it — it was a really inspirational, motivating day.

Research Director, WTG Events

Some of our clients

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