Topic Generation for conferences and events

A practical guide to identifying and evaluating new conference and training topics to expand your calendar and generate new business

Generating new ideas, coming up with new topics and identifying new markets are key to running and growing a successful events business. But many companies stay with tried and tested events, often missing out on great new opportunities. With competition more intense than ever, it is vital that your business constantly regenerates itself and keeps up with your target market.

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Knowing your target market and mapping your universe

  • Defining the pyramid of your market
  • SWOT — its use and application in topic generation
  • Mapping your market
  • Gaps in the subject matter of your courses. Where are they?
  • Where is the competition — are you letting others take part of your market?
  • Client analysis:
    • Which clients spend most money, and why?
    • What are you doing to maximise client spending?
    • Which competitive events do they attend — why?
    • Where are potential new clients?

Maximising the potential for developments from existing events

  • Analysing and learning from delegate lists
  • Reviewing marketing analysis and understanding how it can inform topic generation
  • What the competition can tell you

Generating ideas from traditional and social media

  • Identifying and monitoring the media, press, TV and internet
  • Monitoring new associations, media launches and international bodies
  • Learning from telesales: putting in the right structure to capture all potential topic information
  • Generating new topics from social media

Using the market as a dynamic source of topic generation

  • Making full use of delegates, speakers and sponsors at your events
  • Maximising the use of online customer survey tools to research new markets and test topics
  • Building advisory boards to maximise market knowledge and access top-level know-how
  • Pro’s and con’s of using blogs and other social networking tools

Geo-Cloning your conferences

  • Evaluating which topics are suitable for export
  • Assessing relevant markets and key considerations for launches
  • Modifying events for target markets

Motivating your team to originate new ideas

  • Putting in place structures to ensure topic ideas aren’t ‘lost’
  • Incentivising the team for viable new ideas
  • Coaching your team into topic generation

Establishing criteria for evaluating new topics

  • Developing a topic viability checklist
  • Testing new topics — qualitative / quantitative — using your ‘gut feeling’
  • Evaluating the role of risk in topic generation

This course is designed for all those whose role involves generating new topics and ideas for conferences and events.

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Kate Roberts

Kate RobertsKate Roberts has extensive senior director level experience in running event portfolios. Most recently, Kate was the Global Head of the SuperReturn and SuperInvestor series at Informa; a multimillion GBP portfolio. Kate is a results-driven leader with global experience launching, developing and growing world leading portfolios of B2B events. She has extensive experience in new product development, market insight and analysis, effective content creation and customer engagement to generate large-scale, highly profitable commercial events.Kate’s expertise includes identifying, disseminating and implementing innovations and best practice processes to drive a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. Specialist areas include:

  • Growth strategy; taking good events and making them into world leaders
  • Setting up and implementing effective processes to increase efficiency and profitability and rapidly spread best practice
  • Training and mentoring content and production teams
  • Quality control and improvement
  • Customer engagement to develop new products and revenue streams
  • Rapid geo-cloning

Kate has a first class degree from Oxford and was the winner of the Informa Global Employee of the Year Award. Kate now delivers inspiring training courses for The Media House.


12 November 2019

How long?

One day: 09:00–17:00

How much?

£595 plus VAT for all commercial companies
£545 plus VAT for not-for-profit organisations


12 November 2019
etc.venues, The Hatton
51-53 Hatton Garden
London EC1N 8HN

Knowedgable and approachable. Really good presenter! Some top tips.

Senior Marketing Comms Manager, OGC Buying Solutions

Great trainer, a pleasure to work with, easy to relate to. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Conference Manager, IDC

This was the best events course I have been on – thank you! Thanks to the Media House for the organisation and implementation of such a great learning day, I am going to try and apply everything in the next couple of weeks to see if my event idea will stand up to the validation and testing protocols we discussed yesterday.

Olivia Ryan-Hill

Senior Conference Producer, Smarter Shows

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