Women in business

Developing executive presence and leadership confidence

Most employers recognise that boardrooms are greatly enhanced by the presence of focused, motivated and influential women.  They know that female leaders bring emotional intelligence to decision-making and facilitate good communication within the team.  But getting women into leadership roles can be a challenge, as they face a myriad of barriers to reaching the boardroom. Although external factors are at play, the biggest barrier to women’s progress comes from within – lack of confidence, low aspirations and resistance to risk-taking.

Women in Business is a course that will help women develop the confidence and communication skills needed for the boardroom. Through practical advice, strategies and presentation skills exercises, women who attend this course will conquer impostor syndrome and learn how to communicate at an executive level. They will build their resilience to handle the challenges of leadership, overcome perfectionistic tendencies that hold them back, and get comfortable with speaking up in the boardroom to take their careers significantly further.



  • Understanding gender bias and the shift towards a more diverse boardroom
  • The growing need for female leaders: why traditionally ‘female traits’ are needed for businesses of the future

Building unshakable confidence

  • Overcoming impostor syndrome: how to fake it ‘til you make it
  • Changing thinking habits and overcoming limiting beliefs using CBT techniques
  • Banishing perfectionistic tendencies to take more risks and progress faster
  • Cultivating an external rather than inward focus
  • Building resilience to handle the challenges of leadership

Understanding your unique value and how to pitch it

  • Get clarity on what you stand for and practise pitching your strengths
  • Prepare and practise a 1 minute elevator pitch to use for networking events and meeting introductions

Presenting and communicating at an executive level

  • Tips on speaking up in the board room
  • How to report on your achievements and gain exposure with senior stakeholders
  • Body language and voice techniques that convey gravitas

Leadership and assertiveness

  • Getting comfortable with conflict: how to have productive conversations
  • Assert your boundaries: tips on how and when to say no
  • Developing an emotionally-intelligent leadership style

Growing your role

  • Finding inspiration and support through role models and mentors
  • Pitching for promotion and shaping your role
  • Dreaming big: goal-setting for the future

Course certification

All attendees who complete the course satisfactorily, will receive a certificate.

Who should attend?

  • Women in leadership roles and aspiring female leaders
  • Women looking to increase their confidence and gravitas in the business world

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Caroline Carr

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Good course, covered all aspects of business development. Very good trainer – he understands the event business well.

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Lexis Nexis

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Overall, a very well run course, addressing specific questions by the attendees. Informative and enjoyable!

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