In their words

The course was a great experience, offering a comprehensive examination of current initiatives and strategies for improvement. With the small group exercises, we not only learned but actively applied new knowledge to drive tangible progress.


The Conference Forum

This training course was very informative and engaging! There was a lot my team and I took away from Pauline. I loved how we learned about a range of different things from different formats we can implement, challenges we face, to how to manage time and stress. Would definitely recommend!

Events Marketing Intern

Oliver Kinross Events

I really enjoyed this course since the coach explained everything in an enjoyable engaging way. You could tell she was very experienced and I learnt a lot!

Event Coordinator

We The Curious

Pauline is a fantastic trainer, she has a great way of sparking deeper conversations. I found the practical methods given throughout the course really eye opening and will definitely implement some of these going forward.

Head of Global Marketing

TAC Research

Carrie was absolutely brilliant. She made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I came out of the training day with some brilliant knowledge, new skills and a lot more confidence!


Russell Publishing

The training was very helpful and opened our eyes to lots of new ways to improve what we are currently doing as well as being a great refresher for the fundamentals of marketing a trade show!

Trainee Event Manager

Oliver Kinross Events

It was perfect. Good mix of presentation, interactive group exercise, and Q&A. Very knowledgeable and supportive trainer.


Smart Grid Forums

The training course was delivered conversationally and interactively, which allowed us to share our thoughts and ideas. The content was so interesting and got me thinking about the way that I work. I have left the course with lots of new ideas and best practices and cannot wait to start improving the way I market to our audience. I am also hoping to attend another course, they are unique and so worth it!

Marketing Assistant

Broadway Events

Training was amazing and Caroline as trainer was just superb!

Senior Sales Manager

The Hurlingham Club

Fantastic training with Pauline, the session was very engaging and got us thinking about how we can utilise Project Management tools in our work in Events. I would recommend this to any Event managers looking to add Project Management to their repertoire.

Events Operations Manager

We The Curious

Fantastic experience, real practical insight and fast tracked my knowledge to become a comprehensive leader.

Portfolio Director

Kisaco Research

Loved the trainer’s approach! So friendly and nice. The course was just great and easy to follow even if you are not a marketeer.

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Smart Grid Forums

This leadership training has made me feel more equipped to take on this next step in my career.

Marketing Manager

Kisaco Research

Pauline was a wonderful trainer who gave us insight into effective frameworks to adopt as part of our events business. I will definitely be taking these golden nuggets of information and incorporating them into day-to-day going forward. Thank you!

Head of Middle East Programmes

GFC Media Group

Pauline was an engaging trainer who took the time to ensure we were catered for despite the varying levels of seniority and range of organisations present at the session. Everyone was able to take some handy information away from the session.

Creative Engagement Producer

We The Curious

The trainer was amazing and I loved the way she made everyone feel comfortable and able to participate in an open conversation and discussion. I found the course extremely beneficial and took away so many actions and ideas from the copywriting course. I would recommend to anyone in events marketing or within a marketing role.

Senior Marketing Executive

Broadway Events

This training course is particularly perfect for anyone starting out in a new managerial role with little to no experience. Very insightful and lots of practical ways to help you and your team.

Marketing Manager

Kisaco Research

I thought this course was very helpful for someone new to marketing. It opened my eyes to edits that need to be made with my future copy and picked up new tips and tricks along the way. Caroline went through everything thoroughly and also made sure to answer all questions when asked – leaving us with complete understanding of all topics.

Marketing Assistant

TAC Insights

Carrie was an amazing trainer. She provided useful feedback throughout the day on our presentations, and has given me great tips on how to portray myself with more confidence and gravitas! Thank you!

Operations Manager

Exile Group

Carrie’s story and experience were the perfect fit for our events company. Coming from a producer background, she knows how fast-paced the event industry is; we need to learn our market and be confident about it in front of our clients. When it comes to presenting now, I hope to have more gravitas, more pauses and fewer filler words!

Events Marketing Executive

Exile Group

Caroline was really engaging in our session. She taught me what I expected to learn whilst also teaching me to question things I thought I already knew. She let the course be shaped by our team and what we personally and collectively wanted to get out of the session. Any questions or comments were always met with great enthusiasm and she created a very safe space, where you felt comfortable to ask anything, even if it seemed obvious.

Marketing Assistant


The trainer was fantastic, knowledgeable, and professional.
The course is well structured, effective, and easy to follow.

Senior Marketing Executive

DMG Events

The course was spot on and there was no time wasted with long introductions. The trainer was aware of our situation and informed of the issues and pain points. I would always come back. Thank you!

Teamlead Marketing


Caroline had a fantastic range of examples and exercises to sink our teeth into. Having practical elements in the course made you think, examine and retain new ways of writing. Caroline was clear, provided great critique and feedback to learn from and was fabulous in engaging us in an online environment . Thank you.

Senior Internal Events Executive

Avison Young

The courses are very practical and using examples of our current work which helps us evaluate how we can improve now. The trainer had very relevant material and the duration was perfect. The tips that were things that can be easily implemented in my work right away!

Marketing Manager

DMG Events

I want to give feedback to a great project management course. It was very informative, engaging and interactive – the trainer was speaking “to you”. Highly recommended.

Events Organiser


Very good fundamental grounding in the essentials of conference production.

Senior Conference Producer

Wilmington EMEA

A great course to learn the fundamentals of production. Whether you are new to the industry or experienced, it is a must attend.

Manager Projects


The Event Project Management course was super informative and thoroughly enjoyable. Pauline was a great trainer who had amazing knowledge in all things events!

Events Co-ordinator

Open Banking Expo

A very informative training session with a mix of the foundations and basics and very useful tips for different formats of copy. The applications with our own examples made it a lot easier to understand and would definitely recommend this course to others.

Conference Producer

Kisaco Research

I found the recent Project Management training led by Pauline really useful. I learnt new knowledge about tools and resources that are available to me to support the planning and delivery of events, and picked up some great tips and advice from Pauline and my fellow participants in the course. I definitely feel more confident now as I embark on my next project. Thank you Pauline!

Business Manager

Warwick Legal Network Ltd

The Building a Community Based Events Business training course has given us the ideas, concepts and tools to transform the product we offer into a more complete package. It has been brilliant in shifting my perspective and encouraging me to reframe relationships, and my understanding of the content we can deliver and contributions we can make to the field.

Conference Producer

SMI Group

Caroline was really engaging in our session. She taught me what I expected to learn whilst also teaching me to question things I thought I already knew. She let the course be shaped by our team and what we personally and collectively wanted to get out of the session. Any questions or comments were always met with great enthusiasm and she created a very safe space, where you felt comfortable to ask anything, even if it seemed obvious.

Marketing Assistant


The course was really useful and helped the team focus more on what needs to be done and what can be done. Loads of useful tips that can be implemented straight away. Great templates. Really enjoyed the course and would recommend to anyone.

Senior Events Manager


I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to concentrate/engage as well attending the training virtually but that wasn’t the case – Claire was dynamic and really kept everyone’s attention with her training style as well as the varied and interesting content of the course. It was great to be able to post questions in the chat throughout as well.

Senior Events Coordinator


Excellent, uplifting trainer. Articulate and engaging. Really important! Not too much listening and opportunities to break out with other students/colleagues. Thanks very much!

Governance & Secretariat Officer


This course was an excellent introduction into the way we can develop our existing events and create a community of like-minded stakeholders who can continue to network and collaborate before and long after the event concludes. Frances was an excellent trainer and kept the group engaged all day with a mixture of group discussions, presentations and other activities. Thank you!

Production Manager - Defence

SMI Group

I was looking to transition out of Event Marketing into Conference Production as a career change. This course was an excellent insight into the tactical skills required and provided key resources to effectively create an excellent agenda. I particularly liked the last day when we were asked to submit our own questions to be answered which ensured that the training was personalised to us, and that we gained the maximum benefits of attending. This course gave me the confidence and ability to successfully

Conference Producer


I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very interactive and exactly what I needed to enhance my copywriting skills. Caroline is brilliant and had a lot of very important tips and examples that would make it easy for anyone to grasp and apply the core benefits of the course.

Conference Manager

dmg Events

The in-house project management training programme was fantastic in giving us the tools and practical knowledge to more efficiently run and manage our events. Pauline was a really engaging and exceptional training lead, and allowed us to get the maximum we could out of the time together. The tools I have learned will serve me well in running future projects from their inception to delivery.

Conference Producer


Caroline was a very approachable and knowledgeable trainer. She explained concepts really concisely and took time to help everyone on each section of the training. The course was extremely valuable and a great space to look at our own copy being used across the company and how it can be improved.

Senior Event Producer

Law Business Research

A very informative session that was particularly targeted at events rather than wider project management – can start using outcomes immediately that will benefit my work.

Group Manager, Event Logistics


An excellent course, well delivered that was pitched at just the right level to appeal to everyone in the team from the new entry level members to the experienced event professionals.

Event Logistics and Development Manager


Working through an existing contract we had which made it very relatable and relevant. Claire really knows her stuff and explained everything very well. She didn’t use legal jargon which we wouldn’t understand, she was very clear with her explanations and I came away with some extremely useful advice/skills to use going forward.

Senior Events Coordinator


A great insight from an industry professional on how to be the most efficient you when managing projects.

Flex Coordinator for EMEA @ Meta


Excellent training course, the trainer provided in depth knowledge of negotiating, contracts and safety planning for Events Managers. The trainer provided excellent insight in to this area and drew upon their own experience making the course informative, interesting and enjoyable, I would highly recommend to any Event Manager to complete no matter what their level of experience is.

Events Manager


Another excellent course by The Media House. I feel much more knowledgeable and confident planning hybrid events now and I’m actually looking forward to the next one, instead of dreading it!

Global Events Manager


Much needed, just in time focused content on how to sharpen your production skills and how to flourish as a producer. Every bit of information either helped or qualified what I had already known. Sophy is brilliant at what she does and could answer every question with examples and practical application.

Conference Producer

DMG Events

Thank you so much for the incredible 3 day training you delivered to us at Meta. It was extremely worthwhile, informative, detailed and applicable to our roles. We all thoroughly enjoyed it so a thank you from us all 😊.

Technical Production Coordination Lead


Enjoyable as well as educational. Caroline made the day engaging and fun. I have come away with a much clearer understanding of what copy writing is and how we can incorporate better practices into our daily tasks and marketing. Highly recommend.

Graphic Designer

VC Innovations

Claire gave us a very thorough and lively virtual training on Running Successful Virtual Events. She is an amazing trainer who manages to engage her attendees and she happily shares her experiences and knowledge in virtual events.
Not only was this training useful, but also it was fun and enjoyable due to Claire’s personality! I’d gladly attend any other training she runs!

Event Professional


I went on maternity leave in the middle of a global pandemic and have returned to work facing a very different world of event management. This course was excellent at demonstrating how to use my existing event management skills and adapting them to run virtual events. I now have the confidence to tackle virtual events and I am very grateful that this training was available to me – thank you!

Global Events Manager


This was full of very detailed Strategy and Provision to enable events organisers to move forward with planning their Hybrid events with confidence. Nothing is over looked and Claire Poole is an excellent tutor – Thank you!

Medical Educational Events Management /Marketing


Claire has the knack of delivering information in a really engaging and meaningful way, which makes it easy to assimilate, so attendees can make sense of what they may already be working with, and where they can improve or develop their skills. I’ve attended two sessions led by Claire and there is always take aways from the session.

Digital Events Organiser

Royal College of Nursing

Claire is an excellent trainer who really engages with each attendee, tailoring her content to suit our needs throughout the course. The course is a great summary of all aspects of hybrid events and I now feel a lot more confident organising my first one!

Engagement Events Executive

Prostate Cancer UK

The training course was excellent and helped to build my confidence in all areas of marketing. After attending the course, I feel like I have a fresh pair of eyes to review my content. Caroline was a brilliant trainer, she has great energy levels and kept us engaged throughout. Thank you!

Conference Coordinator

The International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO)

Excellent session. Easy to follow, Very useful, practical and easy to implement suggestions and ideas to follow up, e.g. equipment.

Assistant Director

NHS Confederation

The world of events has been thrown upside down over the past year and learning how to navigate the new world of virtual and hyrbid events has been challenging. The training courses provided by The Media House have helped guide me and my team through the challenges and how to mitigate the risks as well as instilling confidence in us that we have all the skills necessary, it is just a case of pivoting them to a new delivery style. Thank you!

Head of Events

NHS Confederation

The Softworks marketing team really enjoyed the copywriting course with Caroline. Both the content and the delivery were excellent. Lots of great practical takeaways that we are already implementing.



Claire is a fantastic trainer, she is really knowledgeable and passionate about organising events and takes time to answer everyone’s questions.

Communications Assistant

Scottish Health Innovations Ltd (SHIL)

The course on Planning and Executing Successful Hybrid Events is a must for any event planner who does not yet have experience of same — a very good overview with much advice and plenty of tips — I came out with more questions than when I went in, but that is also a good thing to better understand what is involved in the planning of hybrid events.

Event & Office Manager


Sam was excellent throughout the course. He has an engaging approach and points people in a direction rather than forcing an opinion on participants. He asks challenging questions which draws out peoples own experiences and knowledge and guides them to reach their own conclusions. Most importantly, Sam’s sessions were outcome orientated. I believe these sessions will be the basis for a change in approach across our sales teams.

Head of Conferences Asia


I really enjoyed this course which challenged us to review virtual event planning in terms of the current needs and concerns of our suppliers and audience. The course went into a lot of detail regarding sponsorship pricing and closing deals which was extremely useful to benchmark ourselves against. But perhaps the best bit was being able to compare and share experiences with other event industry professionals who are going through the same thought processes at this unusual time.

Project Lead - Virtualisation


I joined the course executing virtual events and I was very pleased with the overall quality of the course. It was very detailed and taught me everything that I needed to know about running one.

Senior Product Developer


The Mastering the Essentials of Conference Production Course was a great way for me, as a new conference producer, to learn from the trainer and other participants about best practice and to hear great ideas that I can take forward and implement in my everyday working.

Conference Producer

Rethink Events

An excellent course, packed with practical, useful ideas expertly presented. I highly recommend it.

Chief Content Officer


The Media House delivered a series of online training sessions for us. They amended their typical training course to meet our specific needs and really spent a lot of time ensuring we were happy with the content. The trainer, Claire, was first class. She knew the area really well and based on a lot of useful insight and experience. My team and I couldn’t have been happier.

Conference Director, Asia Pacific

Euromoney Institutional Investor

The course was great! The trainer was very responsive to enquiries and the breakout rooms allowed us to network and interact with each other. Best online course I’ve done so far.

Communications and Events Exec


I thought the training was superb – the trainer Claire communicated clearly and gave the trainees plenty of opportunity to ask questions etc. I learnt a lot in a short space of time which I can now take forward and use to plan fantastic virtual events for our clients.

Event Manager

Viva Esprit

The online course was very enjoyable and informative and I will be adding some new approaches to my next events and contracts!

Event specialist

Cook Medical

I just wanted to thank you for a very enjoyable and hugely useful course, which has given me much needed confidence to persuade employers that I have the ability to plan and execute virtual events. The content was superb but you also delivered it perfectly. It far exceeded expectations, and I am looking forward to applying these learnings in future roles. 

Event Manager

HF Events Ltd

The Planning & Executing Successful Virtual Events training course was brilliant, informative, insightful and enjoyable, the trainer was fantastic!

Events Manager

RA Media Ltd

It’s such a great feeling when you come out of a training session genuinely feeling like you have just learnt loads of tips and info that you can put into practice straight away. Our trainer Claire was always on form, cheerful, a great listener and just happy to help. Can’t fault the training at all!

Assistant Events Manager

Legal Island

The online course was very enjoyable and informative and I will be adding some new approaches to my next events and contracts!

Event specialist

Cook Medical

This course gives a great insight into the planning and execution of virtual events, as well as sharing pros and cons of the various platforms. The instructor is really knowledgeable on running virtual events and is able to answer any questions from her own experience. I feel much more equipped to work with virtual events having attended the course.


Pipoca Events Ltd

I would highly recommend the Virtual Course’s by the Media House for anyone looking to upskill and learn more about Virtual Events. The course covered a huge amount of topics and I came away with a lot of information. Prior to the course I had spent a lot of my time taking free webinars to try and build up knowledge but I can confidently say that the investment has definitely been worth it.

The format and timings were perfect and there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions. It is also a great tool having the slide deck after the course and I certainly will be adding my pages of notes to this to assist with my learning.

Freelance Event / Delegate Manager

Lisa Lawrie Limited

Even-though one has to sit in front of a monitor, the speakers made sure that they explained well and interacted with us. I liked the idea of testing us on the spot by working with other participants and individually on examples we’ve just learned.

Communications Officer

Medicines for Europe

Fantastic course, I’ve come away equipped with so many useful event marketing tips & tricks. I’d really recommend the Media House courses, they’re really informative and run by lovely trainers.

Events Project Executive

Chartered Insurance Institute

I would highly recommend this course for anyone starting out or looking to refine their planning and execution of digital events. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and provided a huge amount of insight and expertise. Very enjoyable and engaging.

Conference and Events Manager

Royal College of Nursing

Very well delivered, at the right level with relevant examples and realistic takeaways to be implemented in my role, 5/5

Event Logistics Executive


I think this in-house course was really well matched to our requirements. The event sales team needed something specific like this. The course was great in making us think about the sponsor’s mind set rather than just our show.

Exhibition Manager


5/5 Fantastic and detailed course on a topic that is hugely relevant to the events industry today.

Event producer


The course really helped the team to think outside the box and not use packages as the basis for all proposals. The trainer was positive, used real life examples, had great industry knowledge and worked with the team well to bring more out of them.

Head of Operations, Events

Mercator Media

I would like to thank you for your training on Friday. It was very refreshing and a great insight from a personal and professional perspective – I learnt a lot.

Conference Producer

SMi Group

I learnt something new, and will be able to apply this to all the events moving forward, 5/5

Events Co-ordinator


The course was relevant, engaging and led by a great, solution-focused trainer. It helped that she has experienced all the things she is “teaching” about.

Conference organiser

National Housing Federation

The course on Tuesday was excellent, which is a view I know was mirrored by many of the participants. I’m very glad to have taken part and have returned to work with many new ideas.

Account Manager

PA Business

Ros was absolutely great. It was great to get her take on what we’re doing and learn from her extensive experience. She is quite formidable.  This was an opportunity to take stock with my team and we’ve walked away with so many new ideas – I don’t know where to start!

Head of Events

National Housing Federation

The training was so helpful, I just wish I was sent to you guys months ago.

Junior Content Producer Food & Science

Russell Publishing

It exceeded my expectations. The training was very insightful and the exchange among the attendees made it more engaging 5/5.


Alliance 54

The feedback has been very positive about the trainer and the content and genuinely new ideas were discussed.

Managing Director

Incisive Media

I have now attended two Media House training days and both have been excellent.

Senior Content and Sponsorship Manager


This was probably the most energising and inspiring “training” I have ever participated in. The course covered many legal, contractual and health and safety issues approached in a real life scenario way and I think we all went away both scared about some of the things we were letting slip through, ignoring due to pressures or simply didn’t realise we should be doing, BUT with the knowledge and practical guidelines on how to remedy the situation.

Head of Event Management

Euro RSCG Riley

​Really useful to sense check what we’re doing already, as well as new ideas to take back to the team.

Conference Producer

National Housing Federation

Overall, a very well run course, addressing specific questions by the attendees. Informative and enjoyable!

Conference Producer


Overall, a very well run course, addressing specific questions by the attendees. Informative and enjoyable!

Conference Producer


Really interesting day, very practical and engaging. Lovely trainer!

Events assistant


Actionable strategies to improve my copywriting skills on multiple platforms.

Nav Thomas

Data IQ

Overall, a very well run course, addressing specific questions by the attendees. Informative and enjoyable!

Conference Producer


Excellent food for thought. Reinforces what we are doing. Great to have time to think and reflect.

Deputy Director

Euromoney Conferences

The core copywriting principles were extremely useful and will be used on a daily basis. The “creating effective emails” session was excellent – especially focusing on the subject headers to capture the audience in that first instance! Caroline was extremely engaging and passionate about changing your content and copy specifically for your target audience!

Special Interest Group


Very inspiring – Katherine has been amazing for us, given us huge insight into industry best practice. Honestly, it is the best internal training course I’ve been on. Honest, non-judgemental, inspiring, encouraging.

Senior Conference Producer

Incisive Media

Following a three year period of extensive building works and redevelopment, on and around its 65 acre site, The British Motor Museum has been preparing to re-enter the conference market and appointed The Media House to support us in developing the right sales methodology and process as well as recruit and train new sales people.

The whole process has been excellent. It has been great working with the consultant, Mike. He has been very inspirational and really knows his stuff. He brought skills to the British Motor Museum, which we didn’t have and guided us expertly.  With Mike, we have successfully recruited two new sales staff and provided them with training on our processes and best practice in event sales.

Overall, the consultancy was really good and of great value to the British Motor Museum and I have no hesitation in recommending The Media House.

Julie Tew

Managing Director, British Motor Museum

Every little aspect was covered, I have a lot to take away.

Digital Marketing Coordinator


Fantastic energy, clear and precise.

Global Head of Project Management

International Research Networks

Overall, a very well run course, addressing specific questions by the attendees. Informative and enjoyable!

Head of Marketing

Euromoney Training

It was all very useful and interesting. I thought the exercises were a great way to learn.

Lea Vavrik

Faversham House

Very useful course focussing on making the most of copy. I’ll definitely be making changes.

Jenny Lockwood

Faversham House

Very participatory and brilliantly adjusted to the needs of everyone.

Head of Marketing

Euromoney Training

Knowledgable and approachable. Really good presenter! Some top tips.

Senior Marketing Comms Manager

OGC Buying Solutions

Fantastic! the whole course was great, I learnt a lot from both the trainer and the other delegates.

Advertising and Sponsorship Manager

Corporate Jet Investor

The course was great. Really enjoyed the exercises, they helped me fully understand what I was learning. The trainer kept everyone under control and concentrating for the whole day, it didn’t drag at all!

Hannah Wilkinson

Cravenhill Publishing

We truly enjoyed the course and have applied what we learned the first day we’re back at the office. I returned to the office inspired and shared core writing tips with my colleagues immediately during our internal communication meeting. The tips and tricks I’ve learned will certainly go into the office writing toolbox we’re developing.

Communication and Marketing Coordinator


The Copywriting course was really useful, there were lots of different take-aways and I found the day really interactive. Caroline was an excellent trainer, really enthusiastic and kept the sessions interactive and engaging. 5/5

Alice Kenning

Event Manager and Marketing Camapaign Exec, IR Media Group

Really useful and informative course, very friendly and thorough.


Faversham House

5/5. The course gave me a much clearer understanding of what I needed to do going forward to improve my performance! Objection handling was my main issue which I now feel more confident on.

Delegate Sales Executive


Great trainer, a pleasure to work with, easy to relate to. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Conference Manager


Very useful to be able to discuss individual issues – good to have outside opinions – trainer was very friendly, helpful, willing to address individual problems.

Senior Conference Manager

Aviation Industry Conferences

Objection handling was always a problem for me and I now feel a lot more confident.

Seaneen McLoughlin


I found the Copywriting Principals the most valuable part of the day and I will be changing the way I write copy to be ‘benefit led’ copy now! 5/5

Lucy Eyre

Events Co-ordinato, Cambridge Assessment International Education

Incredibly packed day of useful wisdom. So many ‘aha’ moments.

Zsofia Szendrei


The focus on building relationships with venues, and learning more about cost savings was extremely valuable.

Senior Operations

Capacity Media

Very productive day with lots of example and exercises.

Marketing Executive, CFA

An incredibly useful day refreshing copywriting skills with an excellent, engaging trainer.

Emma Lawson

Faversham House

5/5! Claire ran such a fun and informative session. She was down to earth, quirky, interesting, friendly and had a wealth of knowledge she shared with us. She brought great vibes all round! Her examples of real life situations were most interesting and showed us how the course and skills we were learning could be applied to everyday situations.

Event Coordinator


I found the training your team ran for me in December really productive and effective.

Fiona Miller

Group Events Director, Wilmington Healthcare

A good mix of practical and presentation-based learning. I’ve found lots to take away and will refer to the handbook for inspiration. Thank you!

Faversham House

5/5; The trainer was very engaging, articulate and interesting. He went at a good pace and was easy to understand.

Senior Manager - Event Sales


Incredibly helpful and inspiring day, I came out with lots of ideas. I will rethink everything I write, slow down and take in to account the aspects of this course.

Alice Britton

Faversham House

Prior to launching your social media strategy, I would highly recommend taking this 1 day intensive social media workshop. It covers everything from mapping your business goals, understanding your resourcing requirements, to creating the nuts and bolts of any successful social media campaign: choosing the right platform and creating must-read content!

Head of Marketing — Food Portfolio


The course was relevant, engaging and led by a great, solution-focused trainer. It helped that she has experienced all the things she is “teaching” about. I enjoyed the exercises which were short and to the point. I feel much more prepared to research my next conference more thoroughly and have learnt and will apply a more structured approach.

Conference organiser

National Housing Federation

Thanks! Good explanation of scenarios and solutions for objections. 5/5

Sales Executive


We all thoroughly enjoyed the training and found it very insightful. Louisa was very engaging and tailored the training to our website and copy which was great – we have a lot to action. (in-house copywriting training)

Global Marketing Coordinator

Innovation Enterprise

The training was great, really valuable for us. We loved the interactivity, flexibility and the fact that it was tailored specifically for our business. The trainer was great and came with plenty of examples, both from within his slides, but also from past experience. The fixed agenda element of the day gave the course structure, but we were able to ask questions and deviate off topic if necessary.

VP, Marketing

Innovation Enterprise

Going through the detailed elements of a contract, and learning to communicate with venues, to get a better deal and commissions, was very useful.

Senior Event Manager


The delegate sales in-house training certainly was productive and insightful too.

I think the entire team took away some great tips and techniques and I have recommended the training.

VP, Event Management

Innovation Enterprise

Excellent, overall it was a very good course and the trainer was very knowledgable

Senior Manager - Event Sales


I’ve improved my skills in negotiating and learnt a great deal about contracting. The trainer was very knowledgeable.

Event Operations


Very useful to learn negotiating and contracting techniques — I’d never thought of many of them before. The trainer was entertaining, good at relating situations to scenarios we would understand.


Capacity Media

The training was amazing, engaging and interactive.

Viral Shah

Events, The Royal College of Psychiatrists

It was a great course and I have come away with lots of useful information. It was great to have such a diverse group of attendees too, we all had a lot to share.

Events Specialist


Very useful framework provided for me to hang my experience on.

Seminar Manager


I cannot wait to implement what I have learnt. The trainer is excellent, very knowledgeable and animated. Inspiring.

Conference Manager

StocExpo Ltd

A hugely valuable course that will change your copywriting for the better almost immediately.

Chris Davies

Key Media

This was the best events course I have been on – thank you! Thanks to the Media House for the organisation and implementation of such a great learning day, I am going to try and apply everything in the next couple of weeks to see if my event idea will stand up to the validation and testing protocols we discussed yesterday.

Senior Conference Producer

Smarter Shows

5/5; The trainer gave a good balance between content presentation and group discussion.

Key Account manager


The most useful training course I have been on since working in events.

Sarah McKenzie

Business Excellence, Oil & Gas UK

This course was definitely worth attending for us. We are already implementing what we’ve learnt and found the training most inspiring.

Adam Murphy

Marketing Campaign Co-ordinator, Association for Project Management

5/5 — The most valuable part of the day for me was benchmarketing my sales approach with Sanjay and the other participants.

Senior Manager - Event Sales


5/5 Great information, excellent trainer. Really useful information on fees and pricing.

Head of Oil and Gas

International Research Networks

5/5 — thoroughly enjoyable course! The trainer was very approachable and engaging, I was shown new perspectives I hadn’t considered about the sponsor’s mindset.

Client Liaison Executive

International Bar Association

What was the most valuable part of the training course for you? All of it!

Conference Manager

Economist Conferences

I attended the (Media House) Social Media in Marketing course last week. From knowing relatively little about the topic at the start of the day, the trainer’s in-depth knowledge of the subject and real-life case studies helped me to focus in on the key priorities to be addressed and assess the potential outcomes of different strategies. The trainer has a relaxed teaching style which encourages discussion and questions around the topic. Thanks for a great course, I would definitely attend a future course.



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